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Blacksox Baseball provides unique services to its affiliated teams, to include academy instruction, dedicated coaches, indoor training solutions, tryout facilitation, tournament and practice scheduling, and more. Blacksox Baseball takes pride in enabling the Club's vision and providing support through a variety of camps and advisory sessions for both members and coaches.

Indoor Facility - With over 6000+ square feet of indoor space, we have one of the largest training facilities in the Eastern Virginia (Tidewater) area. The Blacksox Baseball Academy has a wide array of workout and drill equipment as well as hitting and pitching areas. Located at: 200 Tintern Ct, Chesapeake, VA 23320.

12U and Below Baseball Field - Located at: Indian River Baseball Field, (1259 South Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA 23320)

13U and above Baseball Field - Located at: Atlantic Shores Christian School, (1217 N. Centerville Turnpike, Chesapeake, VA 23320)

Facility Services:

  • Lane/Cage Rental (30 min) - $15
  • Lane/Cage Rental (60 min) - $25
  • Half of entire Facility Rental (90 min) - $100

Our qualified instructors have a number of years of experience coaching and playing baseball at all levels, including specialties in hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and more. Our Instructional services and pricing is as follows:

Individual Lessons

  • Individual Lesson - Hitting (60 min) - $80. Hitting lessons are 60 minutes and include: tee work, drills, front toss, live throwing, other necessary drills.
  • Individual Lesson - Pitching (60 min) - $80. Pitching lessons last 60 minutes. The complete routine includes: band work, medicine balls, towel drills, pitching off a mound, other necessary drills, weighted ball work out, and leg work out.
  • Individual Lesson - Fielding (60 min) - $80. Fielding lessons last 60 minutes. The complete routine consists of conditioning drills, position work, and situational drills.
  • Individual Lesson - Combination (60 min) - $80. Combination lessons are 60 minutes and include any combination of Hitting, Pitching, or Fielding.
  • Assessment Package (Part 1) - Evaluation - $80. This is an initial assessment of the student so that we can custom tailor future instruction. Part 1 (Evaluation) is for evaluation and video capture of the student's mechanics. Remember to schedule the "Analysis Session".
  • Assessment Package (Part 2) - Analysis - $80. This is an initial assessment of the student so that we can custom tailor future instruction. Part 2 (Analysis) is to discuss recommendations from the previous session in full detail. Remember to schedule the "Evaluation Session" first!
  • Individual Lesson Bundle (4 Sessions) - $300. 4-pack of 1-hour Lessons ( @ $75/lesson). Can be used for Fielding, Pitching, or Hitting lessons (or any combination thereof).
  • Academy Yearly Membership Dues - $100. This gives a discount code redeemable for 10% discount on all Services and Lessons.

Note: 30-min options are available for the Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding classes for $45.

Group Lessons and Camps

  • Friday Night Workout Session (90 min) - $25. Ages 6 thru 13. Pitching, Hitting, and Fielding in a group setting
  • Summer Camp 3 Days, 5 hrs each day) - $165. Hosted by BlackSox Baseball with Lead Instructor COACH PHIL KOJACK. Camp Highlights include: Three days (5 hrs each) of fun baseball training and festivities! We Will cover throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching, Team Dynamics and Conditioning.

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